Meet Bonnie

Bonnie is a 1977 bay window campervan born in California, raised in London. She landed on British soil in June 2016 and was transported straight to the workshop where her transformation began. For the first year, work on the van did not run smoothly and unfortunately, we hit many bumps in the road. However in November 2017, we made a decision to change garages. The new garage were delighted to  see the project through to completion and for Bonnie to finally be up and running. A special thanks to Harry Harpics, PristineBodyworks and Karl Trim who turned doubted dreams into an exciting and happy reality. Timeline and transformation:

May 2016 – We had a dream and bought a van

June 2016 – Bonnie arrived on British soil, not quite looking like the dream.

June 2016 – August 2017. We started work but this was a horrible year with the first garage. Nothing went to plan, Bonnie’s imperfections were painted over and the wrong bar section was cut out. 

August 2017 – We decided to move garages (best decision to date)!

December 2017 – Work correcting the body imperfections started.

January 2018 – work correcting the bar cut out section started.

March 2018 – Internal bar mock up started.

April 2018 – Roof was fitted.

May 2018 – The engine was put back into the van. The seats and door panels were completed and the fridge was added.

June 2018 – Bonnie was painted green… for the second time


JANUARY 2019 –  Our dreams became a reality and Bonnie is now open for business 

What Bonnie offers: 

  • Drop down hinged bar
  • Worktop and preparation area
  • 180 capacity refrigerated bottle display (or 320 cans)
  • Ice machine and storage chest
  • A speed rail
  • Blackboard for menu
  • Soft LED light display