Themes we specialise in

1920’S –  Great Gatsby

Location – Manhattan, New York
Icons – Famous silent movie flapper Clara Bow & Daisy Buchanan
Fashion – Think Great Gatsby flapper dresses, long pearls, stockings, head bands and feather fans.

Gatsby is having a party, grab your pearls and let’s take the big car down town. (FYI, the speak easy password is “Bonnie Rose”). We’ll dance the night away to the roaring jazz band dressed in our Chanel-beaded dresses, silk stockings and long pearls swirling as we twirl to the music, sipping on our signature Martinis.


Location – Hollywood, LA
Icons –  Ginger Rodgers & Fred Astaire
Fashion – Old Hollywood Glamour, marabou feather trimmed gowns or top hats and tux

It’s the golden age of cinema, find me on stage at the MGM movie theatre, we are on our final take, almost ready.  Our hair set in waves and curls, full volume dresses and sharp suits, we are ready for a heady mix of cocktails and swing dancing till the early hours with our pals Ginger Rodgers and Fred Astaire.


Location – London, UK
Icons – War women & pin ups
Fashion – Curlers in headscarves, wartime utility wear, military uniforms and seamed stockings with heels

Our spirit will not be broken (or watered down!). Hunkered in a London shelter we will toast the future.  Victory rolls in our hair and wearing our workwear uniforms we’ll sip on Pimms and sing to swing music anthems until the long night is over. We will not be beaten.

1950’S – Grease lightning  or LADY ROCK-A-BILLY

Location – Rydell High School  or down at the local Rhythm & Blues Club
Icons – Sandy & Danny, cheer leaders, The Pink Ladies, Elvis & Johnny Cash
Fashion – 50s circle skirts, rock-a-billy, cherry prints, stars, stripes & red shoes

School’s out for summer. Grab your friends and head to the fairground where Sandy and Danny finally get together.  All the school cliques are there, the prim and proper girls in their full skirts and set hair, the cheer leaders cartwheeling and the Pink Ladies in leather trousers and pink satin bomber jackets inspired by the Rock ’n’ Roll exploding from car radios. Party the night away like it’s 1954 and you have finally graduated from Rydell High.


Location – Carnaby Street, London
Icons -Twiggy, Mary Quant, Penelope Tree, The Beatles & Rolling Stones
Fashion – Short miniskirts, futurist fashions dictated by Paco Rabanne & Andre Courreges

We are the baby boomers and fashion and music have never been more experimental and exciting.  The future is shining bright and as a consequence, we have never been more liberated! Come join us on Carnaby street, and swing to the pulsating beat of our generation.  We’ll meet the Beatles and all the models of the moment stalking the cobbles.  Let’s dance until dawn in this bright new era.

1970’S – D.I.S.C.O

Location – Glastonbury, UK
Icons – David Bowie (Ziggy stardust), Abba, Cher & Bianca Jagger
Fashion – Flares, long hair, psychedelic prints, flower power and giant platforms

The summer of free love on that Free Love Freeway baby… the first ever Glastonbury is launching and you’re invited. Grab your flares and let’s boogie the night away down in Shangri La.  Psychedelic experimentation, good vibes and music have never been so welcome. Sip on this and peace out, man!


Location – Club Taboo, London
Icons – Madonna (Like a virgin era), Jane Fonda (work out videos era) & Boy George and club kid Leigh Bowery
Fashion – Day Glo spandex, leotards, leg-warmers.

We are running from the gym straight to the club, luminous leotards and stage make up finish the club kid look. We are on the guest list for Taboo where we meet our flamboyant friends Boy George and Leigh Bowery.  Always throw on a pink wig and generous lashings of blue eyeshadow for good measure. Underground dancing and gender fluid dressing till dawn.


Location – Club Hacienda, Manchester
Icons – Happy Mondays, Spice Girls, New Order, Oasis, Kate Moss, Stone Roses, Alexander McQueen
Fashion – Kappa poppers, Kangol hats, Maharishi pants, Naf Naf

Great & Cool Britannia is ruling the music scene right through from rave clubs to the commercial domination of the Spice Girls.  Grab your glow sticks and let’s spice up our lives raving hard in the clubs and getting into all kinds of trouble for the next 24 hours. LET’S GO!

**Although we are passionate about the above themes, if you have a theme in mind that isn’t listed above, please just get in touch and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.**